Welcome to AcrozzGlobe a budding name in international business. Our company has two objectives, first to bring the best quality products and technical know-how to Indian industries through imports, and second to stimulate Indian exports and give it the impetus it required. We specialize in international sales, export marketing, export management and export all around the world. We are an upright import/ export trading company. We focus in international sales and have a well established network of foreign distributors and retailers. Our understanding in export sales development has been to work with companies that have a serious desire to penetrate the global markets. Our expert team has experience in International Business Development which has helped us achieve exponential increases in sales for many of these customers, in some cases going from a zero base to multi-million annualized revenue streams. We help Indian makers to advance the offer of their amazing, unrivalled Indian made items and materials at focused costs in the worldwide commercial centre; give productive fare procedures, and grow long haul associations with outside purchasers, wholesalers, and specialists. We might want to incorporate your items in our menu so please reach us for a free counsel we would love to get notification from you, and enable an overall gathering of people to see your items. Our clients are at the core of all that we do and that is the reason we run our own particular direct deals group. At AcrozzGlobe we work upfront with clients continuously, hence we know and comprehend what our clients truly require. Please proceed further to know more about the organisation and to know how AcrozzGlobe can change your lives and make the world drop to your footstep.

AcrozzGlobe is located in city of Nagpur, India and is a general trading company, engaged in intermediary, import/export and domestic trades in different segments across various countries of the world.
AcrozzGlobe’s mission is to identify investment opportunities focused on creating integration opportunities across Indian subcontinent, grow our trading activities and to provide expert services and...
We at AcrozzGlobe believe in KAIZEN(change for better) and are continuously improving our standards and position on the new global onset. And with digitalization playing such...
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We primarily deal in following products

  • Engineering products like automobile accessories & spare parts, tools, light and heavy machinery. We offer an Exclusive range of Submersible pumps both electrical and solar.
  • Electronic products like quadcopter/drone, wrist watch, headphones, computer peripherals, mobiles & mobile accessories.
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